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Another aspect of Ken Vondriska's expertise is performing asset valuations for amusement park, theme park and waterpark amusement rides and devices, attractions, equipment, buildings, vehicles, games/arcades, food service equipment and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment). During the past four years alone Ken performed over 150 property valuations ranging from high rise apartments, factories, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, etc. Below is a sampling of the amusement related valuations Ken has performed during the past two decades.

Our goal is to take a very prudent business approach to preparing Valuations for our clients. This will include the definition and determination of the fair market, replacement and liquidation value of rides & attractions, games, FF&E, buildings and miscellaneous equipment.

All Valuations are based on information provided to us, as well as our assessment of the amusement park, water park, family entertainment center, or other leisure attractions, physical inspection of the rides and/or attractions, games, FF&E, buildings, and miscellaneous equipment and our past performance in performing such evaluations and our understanding of the leisure industry.

The following valuations were performed by VLC:

The following valuations were performed by VLC for Leisure-Business Advisors:

Below is a sampling of valuations Ken was responsible for or oversaw while employed by other firms:

Essential Services & Programs, LLC Ken was responsible for the following leisure valuations:

International Theme Park Services, Inc. Ken oversaw for the following valuations: