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Vondriska Leisure Consultants, LLC ("VLC") provides loss control evaluations to amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, bowling centers and various other leisure and entertainment facilities. VLC understands the increasing demands that are being placed on the maintenance and operations staffs in the leisure and entertainment industry. It is our goal to provide a value-added service that helps identify problems and provides useful recommendations to achieve a safe operating environment. VLC will provide reliable loss control evaluations in a timely and cost effective manner.

Unsafe conditions or practices in your amusement facility should be identified before an accident or injury occurs. Safety evaluations are not meant to be "Gotcha!" but rather, a method to remove risk from your amusement facility. The following questions should be answered:

Who will be responsible for seeing the audits and inspections occur?
How often?
Which areas?
How will corrections that are needed be documented?

VLC can assist you determining the answers to these questions.

During the past 8 years while employed by Essential Services & Programs, LLC Ken inspected over 1,000 family entertainment centers. Additionally while employed by International Theme Park Services, Inc. Ken performed amusement park, water park, aquarium and zoo inspections throughout the United States and in Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, China, Philippines and Korea.

The inspection process is very simple. Once VLC is commissioned to perform a Loss Control Evaluation an on-site inspection of the facility is performed and tailored to the operators needs. Prior to departing the facility VLC provides a preliminary written report of any discrepancies that need to be addressed. Within two weeks of the site visit, depending on the size and scope of the facility and inspection performed, a full written report including photo documentation, a detailed description of each discrepancy and recommendations if required. The final report is delivered in both hard bound copies and digital copies.