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During the past eight years with Sterling & Sterling, Inc. Insurance Ken Vondriska was Vice President of Loss Control specializing in Family Entertainment Centers. During this time Ken inspected over 1,000 FEC's throughout the United States insured through the Sterling & Sterling insurance program.

Since 2009, Ken has been an approved amusement ride inspector in accordance with the Texas Department of Insurance ("TDI"). All FEC's insured through Sterling & Sterling, Inc. were inspected by Ken and held compliant with the TDI State guidelines. Ken also became involved with the Jewish Community Center ("JCC") program with Sterling & Sterling inspecting all of the JCC's insured through the program. Ken conducted several JCC safety seminars and wrote several articles relating to JCC safety.

From 1999 through the merger with IAAPA Ken was involved with the International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry ("IALEI") serving in many roles such as Chairman of the Safety Committee and President of the association. During that time Ken also wrote monthly safety related articles for Fun Extra and Tourist Attraction and Parks magazine.

As a part of Ken's responsibility to FEC's he has conducted many seminars at Fun Expo, the regional IALEI seminars and the Pump It Up annual corporate meeting.