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Vondriska Leisure Consultants, LLC ("VLC") was established in May 2007 to provide affordable consultation services to the amusement and leisure industry. VLC believes there is a need for affordable consulting services to the small and mid-size family entertainment centers, amusement parks, theme park, water parks, zoos and aquariums.

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Latest Safety Article:
Lost Control Planning - July 28th, 2023
As an amusement park, waterpark, family entertainment center, carnival, bowling center or other type leisure facility owner you are probably looking for ways to reduce costs. One way you can lower your insurance costs is by implementing a loss control plan.
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Latest News:
New protocols for Ohio's amusement rides rolled out following deadly incident - July 27th, 2018

Last summer, the Fire Ball thrill ride snapped apart at the Ohio State Fair, killing 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell and wounding four other riders.
Investigators ruled the tragedy was caused by corrosion inside one of the Fire Ball's support beams, which ride operators and inspectors could not see.
Lawyer releases photo he says shows crack on Fire Ball moments before it broke
"An accident resulting in injury or loss of life is totally unacceptable," Eric German said in a video produced by the Greater Ohio Showmen's Association, Ohio Fair Managers and Ohio Festivals and Events Association.
The video details four new protocols designed to enhance the ride inspection process.
The new measures call on ride owners to compile more data about when and why inspections are done and by whom. And ride owners are being asked to share service bulletins with state inspectors. The bulletins, which come from a ride's manufacturer, can include information about corroding materials inside a ride.
"These four steps will ensure rides, identified as having possible corrosion problems, will be thoroughly inspected and documented to be in compliance with ride manufacturer's specifications before operating in Ohio this season," German said in the video.
"Fortunately there's many, many more quality carnival operators and show operators than there are the not-so-good ones," Ken Vondriska said.
Vondriska has inspected rides and theme parks for decades. He thinks it would be unfair to assume rides are unsafe, even with what happened to the Fire Ball.
"The quality of ride manufacturing over the last several decades has improved dramatically, dramatically," Vondriska said.
Ohio's Department of Agriculture is in charge of ride inspections. The agency has not made any official changes to the inspection process in the wake of the Fire Ball incident. Officials with the department are waiting on recommendations on ways to better address corrosion inside steel from an organization comprised of experts.

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