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Project management is a key aspect of Vondriska Leisure Consultants, LLC ("VLC"). A Project can vary in size from a single installation such as a ride or attraction to more involved combination of installations or the entire project. At VLC we have the capabilities to handle most projects.

Ken Vondriska became involved with project management during his tenure with the Six Flags Corporation in St. Louis, MO and Flint, MI. This included the installation of several rides and reconstruction projects as well as the $76 million dollar AutoWorld project in Flint, MI.

At Dorney Park &Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA Ken became project manager for the new waterpark, Wildwater Kingdom. Other projects included several new construction projects and ride installations.

International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") in Cincinnati, OH is where Ken project managed 5 theme parks including two in China, Two in Brazil and one in the Philippines. Below is a sampling of projects overseen by Ken during his tenure with ITPS:

Enchanted Kingdom theme park outside of Manila, Philippines.

Hopi Hari theme park outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Terra Enchandata theme park in south Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Ripley's Believe OR Not museum in New Orleans, LA.

Arnold's Park, Arnold's Park, IA.

Lotte World, Seoul, Korea

Tienjin Children's Park, Tienjin, China